Specimen Girl Demo 0.2

Hi everyone! 

New version for the demo following the first feedback I had on the game. :) 

The new release features:

  • Waiting time between choices ÷ 2 
  • Conversations with multiple subjects are now on "loop" (jump label) for more fluidity
  • Musics converted to .ogg to avoid compatibility problems with VX Ace
  • Minor corrections on maps and events
  • Fixed footsteps problems
  • Fullscreen is now the default mode to run the game (see Read Me file for how to change it)
  • Fixed the game's credits for a better quality/fluidity

And that's all for today, I will continue to improve the demo based on your feedback and potential bug reports, so do not hesitate to contact me through here or the game's page!

Thank you for your interest in my project! 



Specimen Girl Demo 66 MB
Version 0.2 May 15, 2018

Get 標本少女 | Hyouhon Shoujo | Specimen Girl

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