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Hi everyone!

It has been a long time since I shared updates on the game, but I finally have significant progress so here we go! 

For a long time I wanted to redo all the assets of the game (menus, save menu, dialogue box etc...) to finally express the visual identity I truly wanted and it is finally done! I hope you will like the new "art deco" aesthetic and the new menus. 

Here are a few pics to showcase the new assets:



In addition, the new release features:

  • New assets for menus, message box, save screen...
  • Multiple footsteps sounds depending on surfaces
  • Correction of misspellings and typos
  • Minor corrections on maps and events


I wonder where this last screenshot comes from...? So yeah, you guessed it, that's not all! I am very glad to announce that Chapter One is now fully complete and has gone through beta testing as well! I spent a lot of time doing all the maps for the new areas (no, don't expect a lot, I'm just really slow... :p) as well as the new assets, and I tried my best to implement beta tester's feedback on the first chapter to improve your final experience of the game! 

I guess there is a lot of things I could put on the new features and devlog but unfortunately...


In the last development blog, I asked you if you would like to see this game release episodically, and despite your general enthusiasm for this perspective, I decided to go with just one final release when the game is completely done. The main reasons why I choose to give up on the idea are the following:

  • Game's length: the game is supposed to be pretty short (one to two hours, even if it might greatly vary with the way you play it or the content I decide to input or not) so releasing the game episodically would make for really short releases
  • Development: with a full time job and without a team to help me on the game, my development pace is pretty slow, and I feel like waiting forever for a really short update would be disappointing for players
  •  Narration: this game is a mystery/(light) horror game and releasing each chapters as I finish them would  greatly fragment its narration, thus reducing the impact of the general ambiance and tension

For all those reasons, I think it is best for me to release the game once it is fully finished. However, as I wanted to show you the visual improvements I made during the development of chapter 1, I decided to share this new version of the demo with you. :) For those of you that will replay/discover the game with this build, please let me know if you encounter any bug or error! I will do my very best to fix them as soon as possible. 

I think this is all for today, for those of you that are disappointed by the fact that they won't be able to play chapter one right know: I am still looking for a native English speaker willing to help me proofread the game (and thus chapter one as well). So if you are good with language and like the game, let me know! :)

I'll come back later with news on the development of chapter two, thank you for reading this note until the end and for following Specimen Girl's development. :) 



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Version 0.3 Oct 12, 2018

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