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Four young women awake in four different rooms, with no memories of how they got here in the first place. Follow their tribulations as they try to escape and to unveil the mystery surrounding their encounter...

The demo currently covers the Prologue of the game, and contains:

  • 30 minutes of gameplay
  • Four original female protagonists
  • An eerie introduction to Specimen Girl's story

Although the final version of the game will contain gory elements and horror, the demo is completely horror-free and can be played by anybody. 

In its current state, the game's interface is heavily influenced by Pocket Mirror, an incredible game that I would like to recommend to anyone liking this kind of aesthetics! 

Enjoy the short ride!

(PS: The game's story and its title is partially based on KiyozumiP's song,  "標本少女 " (Hyouhon Shoujo) which you can hear in the demo's in game credits.) 

StatusIn development
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withRPG Maker
TagsExploration, Horror, RPG Maker
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
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Specimen Girl Demo 66 MB
Version 0.4 58 days ago

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Just played the demo. Really good start! The characters were all distinct and their conversations with each other and and different reactions to things were interesting. There's a lot of puzzle potential revolving around the  four different main characters with their personalities and theme colors. Like I was wondering if the four "muse" notes would serve as hints for something later. on. One thing I really appreciated that a lot of RPG maker based horror games have trouble with is I was never lost about where to go next. Some games leave you hanging and you have to backtrack to every single area and inspect every single thing to figure out what you missed to proceed, which is incredibly tedious, but that never happened here.

Of course the game only just began when the demo ended, and I'm assuming the puzzles will get trickier as it continues and the game will get scarier.

Also, I know you mentioned not being sure if you would charge money or have it be a free game. You could do the "name your price" option, and basically do both. If the game stays at this quality, I'd gladly put down a few dollars for it.

Really looking forward to Chapter 1!

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Hey there! Thank you so much for your comment, I'm very glad you liked the demo. :) I tried to make sure people won't get lost too often because this is something I hate when I try to follow a mystery/horror story haha. The rest of the game should definitely be less "guided" but should still remain pretty self explanatory. Don't expect a lot of puzzles though, as it would not make sense in the story, even though I definitively plan to include minor puzzle elements to spice it up a bit (it just won't be like your typical Horror RPG Maker game with puzzles everywhere and magic ^^).

Thank you for your note on the financial aspect, that is actually a very good idea, as I don't want to feel tied up by a fixed price where people are going to expect something from the game before playing it, giving the opportunity for players who loved the game to support it sounds like the best option to me! :D I'll definitely consider it. Regarding chapter 1, it is in fact already finished and functional. But I will answer more in depths to this subject matter in a new devlog to talk about the episodic issue. Anyway, thank you for all your ideas and feedback!


Before Playing:

So I saw this and instantly thought "gAkUPOO??????" 


oof, I haven't played the game yet, I'll add to this after I do

After Playing:

This was a lot more than I was expecting. This game is actually really well made!! It has beautiful art and intriguing characters, as well as an expanding plot. I'm really looking foward for the full release of this game! (hopefully it'll be free...) 

I'm in no shape to help financially, I'm not sure if you even need that, but if there is any other way I could possibly help with the developement please tell me! I'd like to help. 

I'm curious to see how all 4 girls tie in. How closely does it follow the song?? I'm guessing that either the girls will all become Specimen or they'll drop off like flies one by one till the last one is the Specimen. Either way, I'm excited to see what happens to all the girls.

Aaaaaah yes!!! Some Vocaloid fans!! :D The song inspired me the game so I asked the producer if I could use it in the game's credits and she/he said yes!! :D I was so happy!

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback on the game and your enthusiasm! It's going to be a short game but yeah, I hope you'll have fun finding the parts inspired by the song... ;) 

Regarding the game, I still don't know if it's going to be free or not, my first intention was to make a free game but we'll see how it goes. \(^__^)/ And the best thing you could do to help the game is exactly what you did: showing your love for it and encourage me to do my best! So thank you! 

I love this so much! The characters and the map are all nicely done. I got so invested in the plot that I was slightly dissapointed when the demo ended lol. Can't wait for the full release!

Hahaha! So sorry it was frustrating, but in a sense this means I successfully did my job! ;) I'm currently  working on the game and I hope you'll enjoy the full release as well! ^^

Hey there! Do you have a contact email I could use to talk to you about this game?

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Hi! Yes, you can contact me here: specimengirlgame@gmail.com. :) 

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I modified the link I gave you because I made a mistake typing the address! Now everything should work, sorry for the inconvenience.

This looks great so far! I could feel the Pocket Mirror inspiration right away, but your game managed to get me way more interested (no insult to PM ofc).  I already really like the characters and their interactions. I also like that there's a legitimate reason for the main character to not talk this time around. I'd love to see you try and make some kind of opening for the game since you have a vocaloid program (I think?). I wish you luck in your game devving endeavors and will wait in anticipation for the full release! 

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Hi! Thank you for your detailed feedback! I'm so glad to see how people react to the game's atmosphere! :) Haha yeah the PM influence is pretty obvious, it was supposed to be some kinf of fangame at first I suppose... ^^ I'll definitely consider finding my own aesthetic now that the game starts to take a different  path... Yes I used a vocaloid song in the credits because the story was inspired by this song. ^^ But I'm not the one who made it, full credits to Kiyozumi here,  a great vocaloid producer! :) Thank you so much for your support! I hope you'll like the full release as well. ^^

This game is amazing so far, can't wait for more mystery and visual style. GASP what if there is more than one person watching them

Thank you for your comment! I'm so glad you liked it! :) Haha I'll let you make your own speculations on the story... ;)

This is game is really intriguing, plus the map is pretty. I can't wait to see the full game ! ^^ 

Thank you for your feedback! It's really encouraging! :)

This was really well put together! I'm excited for the full release. ;3

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback! :) I hope you'll like the full game as well.